Slideshow: ‘Phantom of the Opera’ draws movie-going crowd to University Christian Church

More than 100 people showed up to watch the silent horror film “The Phantom of the Opera” Thursday night at University Christian Church.

People gathered beforehand to eat ice cream and popcorn and talk with friends while sharing their passion for movies.

Kyla Rosenberger, UCC music director, welcomed visitors and introduced Thomas Helms, organist for the evening. Helms, dressed as the Phantom, played eerie music during the film.

Moviegoer Pat Stevens, said she had never seen a silent film, but has seen “a lot of the vintage movies from TCU” during the Thursday Night Film Series.

Margie Summers, who also attended the screening, said she is always looking for something to do, and the event sounded fun.

Stevens summed up the evening with “free movie and ice cream, what could be better?”