TCU police working to identify two burglary suspects


The TCU Police Department is looking for two burglary suspects.

TCU Chief of Police Steve McGee said the burglaries took place early Wednesday evening in academic buildings. 

Burglary has been reported in Sid W. Richardson, Dan D. Rogers and Annie Richardson Bass buildings. 

McGee said computer equipment and other items were stolen. 

TCU police received a report that the man in the red sweatshirt had been seen in a building on the central part of campus earlier in the week. According to the report, the man had tattoos on his arm.

McGee said this report was received after TCU police Detective Vicki Lawson sent out the campus-wide crime alert email.

“We are hoping to have more people call in with reports and for someone to be able to recognize these men,” said McGee.

McGee said they are looking through surveillance videos to continue their investigation. ​

Contact Sgt. Kelly Ham at 817-257-6637 with any information.