ROTC volunteers at TCU Football Games


TCU’s “Bleacher Creatures” will make their last appearance of the 2014 football season at Saturday’s game against Iowa State.

The Bleacher Creatures may have been the idea of Gary Patterson when he became head coach of TCU football in 2000, but it’s the TCU Army ROTC that continues to help children run the football field every home game.

The purpose of the Bleacher Creatures is to show school spirit and the family-friendly culture of TCU’s campus, according to TCU’s athletics website. Cadets participate by guiding children from the stadium stands to the field and organizing them in lines, ensuring that they run out with the Horned Frogs safely.

Junior nursing major Reown Yusef said, “It is extremely important for the program to get out there to support these games.”

ROTC members also escort attendees of all ages from buses to the stadium and back.

“Not many people know about the ROTC program at TCU, or all it has to offer. These events allow us to serve and support TCU while spreading the word about the program,” said Yusef.

In addition, senior mechanical engineering major Branson Chandler schedules ROTC for home games and said that volunteering allows junior and senior cadets to “exercise disciplined initiative” and practice team building techniques.

“It gives our Cadets the opportunity to influence, by providing purpose, direction and motivation, while operating to accomplish our mission and continue to improve our program,” Chandler said.

Chandler said, “Our involvement with each football game is a great way to give back to the community, show our presence in the community, and keep a strong partnership with TCU athletics.”

Both Yusef and Chandler said they find working the football games to be very rewarding.

Yusef said, “Being able to give back and support is a reward in itself, but seeing the gratitude expressed through civilian’s faces and actions lets you know that you’re actually making a difference for this beautiful country and this amazing school.”