ESPN crashes Campus Commons


The World Wide Leader of Sports was at TCU asking students why they believed the Frogs should fill one of the four desired playoff spots.

However, they aren’t just asking TCU students.

“We’re at four or five different campuses. I know Baylor for sure. I think Ohio State and Arizona as well,” said ESPN cameraman Bob Humphrey.

The interviews from the various campuses will be used in a montage for Saturday’s College GameDay broadcast in Waco for the Baylor vs. K-State game.

Senior Alex Vail was one of the first students to state her case.

“If everyone wins out Saturday, I think the top four are going to stay the same. Moving us ahead of FSU was a proactive decision from the committee. It doesn’t make sense to fly FSU out to California, so they [the committee] had to do it now because it wouldn’t make sense to flip us and them if FSU wins their conference championship this weekend,” Vail said.

Senior Jimmy Burrows also took on the ESPN cameras to try to sway TCU doubters.

“I think the final four will end up being Alabama, Oregon, TCU, and I know everyone will hate me saying it, but I think Baylor should be in there too,” Burrows said.

“The top four teams being decided by a committee, instead of the old BCS system has made things more exciting,” Burrows said.

“Instead of having two to four teams that are competing for the top two you have a dozen or so teams over the year really competing for those final four spots,” he said.

Although Vail and Burrows disagree on what four teams will make the playoff, they answered the same when asked who their least favorite team in the playoff running is: Baylor.