Students react to college football playoff rankings


The mood was somber after TCU was selected as the sixth seed in the final College Football Playoff rankings.

Students gathered in Market Square in hopes to see TCU in the top four in the first year of the college football playoff system.

Darron Turner, associate vice chancellor of student affairs, sat among the students and said he understood the disappointment.

“I thought we had done everything we needed to do to be in the top four,” Turner said. “After having a dominant game in your last home game, I’m not sure what else we could have done.”

Students expressed their disappointment and confusion as well.

“I don’t completely agree. I don’t think Baylor should be ahead of us,” one student said.

Another student spectator said “I’m heartbroken, I think we deserved it. How we dropped from three to six, I don’t really understand it.”

Other students understood Ohio State and Florida State were deserving teams who played well on Saturday.

“I give it to Ohio State and Florida State,” one student said. “Florida State is undefeated and they [both] played well and they are conference champions.”

Other students looked forward to another exciting season in 2015.

“Next year we have a lot of our big players, game changing players – they’re juniors – and they’re going to be coming back,” another student said. “Then, you’re really going to see all TCU has to offer when it comes to football.”