TCU Ice Girls support, cheer on college's ice hockey team

It’s only been a month, but the TCU Ice Girls have rallied interest and support for the TCU men’s ice hockey team as it competes in its third season.

Inspired by her love of the game, TCU ice hockey team manager Helena Virga started the TCU Ice Girls organization to increase awareness for the team.

The Ice Girls debuted Nov. 14 at a home game against the University of Texas at Austin, where TCU defeated Texas by a score of 5-1. The next night, TCU beat Texas again 6-5. Before the Ice Girls, TCU lost their first two games of the season to UT Austin in September.

“I believe the Ice Girls have increased the crowd at games,” Virga said. “The debut of the girls brought almost double the amount of students.”

During home games, the Ice Girls entertain the crowd during the game’s three 20-minute break periods.

Ice Girl Hayley McCurdy said the women do a number of things during their show.

“We have two figure skaters on the team that do tricks and a routine,” she said. “We have girls that do cheers with signs and throw shirts into the crowd. We also have girls that scrape the ice around the goal.”

Virga said the Dallas Stars Ice Girls are attending the TCU Ice Girl’s next practice to show the team their patterns and routines as well as recruit more women for their team.

“I am really honored to be an Ice Girl, because it is fun to represent a fairly new sports team that is really trying to play well in order to represent TCU positively,” McCurdy said. “It’s really fun to pump up the crowd and promote the team so that more people will come.”

The TCU ice hockey team has a break from games during December and will resume Jan. 23.

“Students should come to the games to help cheer on the Frogs, no matter what the sport,” Virga said. “Plus, what better way to get into the Christmas winter spirit than some good ol’ ice hockey?”