University Christian Church hopes to bring back Adopt-A-Student program

A staff member at the 109’s University Christian Church is hoping that beginning next year, college students won’t have to go back to their hometown to get a home-cooked meal or receive the kind of advice and support they get from their own parents.

UCC’s college minister, the Rev. Jessica Vacketta, said she hopes the church’s Adopt-A-Student program will be resurrected by the end of January.

Vacketta, who became an associate minister at UCC five years ago, said the program was discontinued before her employment at UCC. She said she thinks the program was discontinued because of turnover in staff because it requires a lot work to pair students with families and host events for them.

Vacketta said she pairs students up with members who speak to her about wanting to adopt a student. She said students can spend time with their adoptive families so they can take a break from college life.

”It’s just a way for students to feel connected to a community,” Vacketta said. ”It reminds them of home and that they are loved and cared for.”

UCC members interested in adopting a students or looking to be adopted can contact Vacketta at [email protected].