Fort Worth group protests on campus against abortion


This story has been updated to reflect the correct spelling of Jered Ragon’s name. 

The Abolitionist Society of Fort Worth took their stance against abortion in front of passing students and faculty Wednesday afternoon.

Protestors had prepared signs and speeches to display near the central crosswalk of University Drive.

“We are here to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Jered Ragon, the leader of the protest movement. “[We] bring our promotion into conflict with abortion, which is the evil of our age.”

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The protesters displayed signs with different controversial slogans, such as “Murder is legal,” and pictures of aborted children. They also passed out pamphlets and cards to passing students.

Protestor Ryan Bouse explained that most of the signs presented various stages of abortions.

“We are following after the way the abolitionists of slavery did,” Bouse said. “They used the graphic imagery of bringing out chains or having a slave take his shirt off to show the whipping marks.”

The protest led to significant reactions by the students who had witnessed the movement.

“I think the actions seen today were a bit radical, and some of the signs were very graphic,” said student Katharine Carvalho. “This was not good for a college setting.”

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The abolitionist group chose to protest at TCU particularly because of the school’s Christian origins.

“Obviously, the fact that TCU is a Christian university has some effect,” Bouse said.

“We are disgusted by the pictures just as much as anyone else,” Reagon said. “However, we want to show people what our apathy and indifference has cost these children.”

The protesters will be speaking at Tandy Lecture Hall at the Fort Worth Central Library about their battle against abortion on Saturday.