Staff Assembly discusses employee benefits, brand standards


The TCU Staff Assembly convened Tuesday afternoon to hear from guest speakers and committee heads about goals in the upcoming semester.

Faith Perkins, associate vice chancellor in human resources, presented new information about employee benefits. Human resources is working to improve both current employee and retiree experience.

Perkins said the department is using a field survey to ask recent retirees about TCU’s role in their transition. The results of the survey will be used to design new programs. One new program, Retiring Well, will begin this semester.

The Human Resource Department recognized the need for improvement in current employee benefits as well. As a result, there are two new initiatives beginning in 2015.

The first is known as Teledoc, which allows employees to call in to their doctors’ offices to get prescriptions filled at a significantly discounted co-pay.

The second new program deals with patient care. It conducts all research and sets up appointments for employees based on their circumstances.

Liz Parks from the communication and marketing office spoke about the establishment of TCU Brand Standards.

A brand standard advocates for TCU having an official logo that would be nationally and internationally recognized. It would also differentiate TCU from its competition.

An official TCU logo has been set for campus-wide use. The logo differs slightly to distinguish administrative programs from academic ones but is more consistent overall.

To help promote the brand, the communication and marketing office will be conducting a Brand Ambassador Program this semester for staff members to get involved in.

The Staff Assembly committee heads reported about upcoming events and several programs they wish to see implemented. Staff Assembly Chair Sheri Milholin concluded the meeting after approving the minutes from last semester.