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    Jonathan Song brings extra kick to TCU next fall

    Jonathan Song brings extra kick to TCU next fall

    Jonathan Song, who recently committed to TCU, will bring more skills than just his kicking.

    Song will join the team as a kicker but he will grayshirt next fall, meaning he will not enroll in classes until spring 2016.

    The All Saints Episcopal High School senior is a two-sport student athlete in football and soccer, who also has a passion for music.

    “I like to sing. I’ve been in the honor’s choir since freshman year, “ Song said.

    All Saints Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Aaron Beck said Song is an exceptional student who takes his schoolwork very seriously.

    “Jonathan participates in a lot of study groups here on campus and helps other students on the football team,” Beck said.

    Song was nominated for the Lay Witness for Christ International’s Christian Athlete of the Year in 2014, an honor that recognizes high school student athletes from across the state of Texas for excellence in their sport, faith and education.

    Song said he is excited to meet new people through his diverse interests and looks forward to participating in the TCU community.

    “I’m just going down the road and I’ve been at All Saints since kindergarten,” Song said. “I think I’m ready to expand. I’m looking forward most to meeting new people at TCU.”

    Song’s parents Kee and Hanna said they are excited that their son will attend TCU not only because they will be able to go to most games, but also because they love the support their son will receive.

    “I chose TCU because of the family atmosphere. I like the way Coach Patterson treats my family and me,” Song said. “Obviously the expectation is high, which I like, and at the same time it has great football and amazing academics together.”

    Song said he knows being the kicker isn’t exactly the dream role for everyone, but for him, the excitement comes from being on the field and knowing that it’s a miss or make accompanied by the feeling of nervousness.

    “I like knowing this kick may be a deciding factor in a game. It just makes it really fun to be a part of the team,” Song said.

    Beck said Song stands out not only because of his statistics, but his commitment and work ethic.

    “Jonathan came to practice every day. He was there before practice started and the last to leave,” Beck said. “He was elected team captain this year, which never happens for kickers.”

    Song finished his career in football with 281 total points, 103 touchbacks and a 43.79 yards net punting average. The longest field goal he kicked in a game was 56 yards and 65 yards in practice.

    Recently, Song was named the All-Texas First Team Kicker/Punter, according to Dave Campbell’s Texas High School report. He is a two star recruit and he is the No. 18 ranked kicker in the country.

    Beck said he’s enjoyed watching Song grow. He said Song’s confidence in his abilities is his best skill set.

    “He is very confident in what all he can do, but it’s never about him, “ Beck said. “We could brag all day long on his successes, but he is very humble kid who will make things happen at TCU.”