No name in sight for TCU’s newest building


The Board of Trustees is still far away from naming the newly opened Multi-Purpose Center.

The board, the advancement staff and Chancellor Victor Boschini are still looking for a name to put on the side of the building, Kathy Cavins-Tull, the vice chancellor for student affairs, said.

Cavins-Tull said that no name has come forward yet, but that the university hopes to find a name for the new building by the Board of Trustees meeting in April.

Cavins-Tull said there are two ways that the Board of Trustees could choose the name: If someone invests in the Multi-Purpose Center or if someone makes a large donation to the university.

The Multi-Purpose Center could be named after a person, family or a foundation, depending on whom the board chooses.

In the mean time, Cavins-Tull said that she hopes the student body will use the Multi-Purpose Center to its full extent.

“I hope you’ll be able to find some places in the multipurpose building to study,” Cavins-Tull said. “We designed it so there would be places for students to eat, study, hangout, and we want students to feel like it’s their own.”