Sexual assault campaign scheduled to return this semester


The TCU Student Government Association provides many free programs for students each year, including the “Not On My Campus” campaign.

“Not On My Campus” is expected to return to campus this spring. The campaign originated at SMU, but Student Body President Cody Westphal introduced the campaign at TCU last April.

“I think it’s really cool that it is student-led and we, as a student body, can come together and set the precedent for taking issues seriously,” Westphal said.

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Facebook page for the campaign allows students to take a pledge to address and help end the silence of sexual assault. Anyone who wants to participate will have their photo taken with the words “Not On My Campus” written on the inside of their hand, in front of a location such as Frog Fountain or the Founder’s Statue.

Students are encouraged to post their photos as their profile pictures on social media.

“We are also planning to release a public service announcement video,” Westphal said. “We are trying to throw as much as we can at students so that everyone eventually starts talking about it.”

Maddie Reddick, the vice president of external affairs, said the campaign generated much positive feedback.

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“It got people engaged, aware and talking,” Reddick said. “We have even discussed the campaign with other Big 12 schools and they have been really interested in knowing more information.”

Madison Calhoun, the co-artistic director of the V-Day campaign, said that if the “Not On My Campus” campaign and the V-Day campaign were to join, they would work really well together.

The V-Day campaign is an interactive program that also addresses rape and sexual assault on campus. They host events around the same time as “Not On My Campus.”

“We are just trying to drive conversation and provide education to a subject that is taboo to speak about, but really important,” Westphal said.