Multipurpose Building exemplifies student-administration relationship


Regardless of your opinion on the food offered in the Multipurpose Building, there is a lot of good to be said about the recently opened student center: it’s a great dining option for students living in Worth Hills, it’s got plenty of great study space and it’s pleasing to the eye, among other things.

But those aren’t even the best things about the “New BLUU.” The building is a great example of what the relationship between administration and students should look like.

As administrators were prepping the building for its opening in mid-January, they made it clear that the construction project was undertaken with students in mind.

But administrators didn’t stop there — they kept students in mind. When Mike Russel, assistant vice chancellor for student affairs, emailed students on Jan. 9 to announce the building’s opening on Jan. 19, he wrote that administration was “still tweaking operating hours.”

He seemed to have students in mind. On Jan. 23, Russel sent another email to students, which detailed the building’s weekend dining hours (only “The Press” and “O’Brien’s Grill” would be open on weekends).

A week later, Russel sent out another email after receiving feedback from students on the building. Based on the feedback, the “Caliente” restaurant is now open on weekends as well.

Students could easily overlook Russel’s swift actions. TCU administration didn’t have to be so fluid with the restaurants’ operating hours. Russel could have sent out an email saying “These are the building’s operating hours,” with no further discussion. Instead, he left the door open for feedback. It has worked well so far, and it should be appreciated.

While the building isn’t perfect, it offers a lot to students. If there’s something students don’t like about it, Russel and other administrators are willing to listen.

And that relationship means more than the extra food.

Managing Editor Clayton Youngman for the Editorial Board.