Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge continuing to bring variety to Fort Worth’s music scene

The red curtain is pulled down and the stage is quiet.

But the chairs in the audience are filled. A group of women order drinks, a teenage couple laughs and a family of four smiles as a waitress takes their photo.

Drinks in hand and a basket of fries on almost every table, the crowd at Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge is ready for Dallas-based country singer Colin Boyd to take the stage.

Located on Lipscomb Street just off Magnolia Street in the old Lion’s Club building, Live Oak provides customers with an intimate environment to dine and to enjoy a live concert.

“Live Oak is unlike any other music venue found in Fort Worth,” said concert attendee Jaclyn Anderson. “The setting is probably my favorite part about it.”

The 5,000 square-foot building has a music hall, lounge, rooftop and multiple patios.

Live Oak hosts a wide variety of musical acts and genres. They feature jazz, country and folk music, as well as local and touring performers. Audience members can find unique performers every day of the week.

The venue also provides customers with open mic nights, jazz ensembles every Tuesday, Sunday brunch and happy hour on the rooftop bar. Depending on the act, shows and performances are usually accessible to all ages.

“The fact that I can enjoy a show with my friends and not have to leave our kids at home is pretty neat,” Anderson said. “We probably come here every couple of weeks. Sometimes we bring the whole family and sometimes just me and my husband come for a date night.”

The quickly growing Magnolia district is known for its modern and intimate vibe with restaurants, bars and coffee houses lining the street. Live Oak has been on Magnolia for three years and is the only music venue in the area.

“I think part of the up-and-coming popularity of Magnolia was part of us opening up this business,” said Lee Allen, Live Oak's general manager.

Now that Live Oak has tackled the Magnolia district, they are looking to take on the rest of Fort Worth, Allen said.

“We are not only affecting Magnolia, we are trying to affect Fort Worth as a premier live music destination,” Allen said. “Fort Worth is becoming a hub of live music, and there are a lot of rock music clubs and venues all over town, but none really like ours that have a really nice listening room, as well as a great sound system."

Live Oak uses Twitter and Facebook to provide customers with information on future concerts and upcoming artists. Customers can also sign up for a monthly newsletter.

Open mic night and Monday night jazz ensembles are free. Other concert and event prices vary throughout the week.