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TCU has been ‘simple’ for 12-year-old student


The youngest student to enroll at TCU says school is a breeze.

“For now, I think that all my classes have been pretty simple,” sophomore Carson Huey-You said.

Huey-You was admitted to the university in 2013, when he was just 11 years old. He is majoring in quantum physics and is expected to graduate in 2017. 

Huey-You is taking four classes and a lab. He is also in the physics club, the Chinese club and the chemistry club.

“Right now I am in Electromagnetism and Optics,” Huey-You said. “But later on I will have to do quantum physics and that may be challenging in the future.”

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Dr. Magnus Rittby, senior associate dean of the College of Science and Engineering, has been mentoring Huey-You.

“I don’t do his homework and I don’t even see his homework problems,” Rittby said. “We only walk through the material and I’ll try to guide him towards what is important.”

Rittby said Huey-You is doing relatively well in fitting in with the “university life” and that it’s a “challenge to be 12 and go to college.”

Huey-You said, “TCU has taught me how to be a much better student and at being more organized. It has also taught me to just have a schedule really.”

When Huey-You is not doing assignments, he is playing his favorite game, Minecraft, or attending football games.

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