FWAFA’s Eurydice opens in one week

By TCU 360

Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts’ theater department is putting on Sarah Ruhl’s adaptation of Eurydice next weekend.

Students focusing on theater have been working on their production since returning from winter break. Students were casted and given scripts before break and were expected to be almost off script upon their return.

Seniors Rachel Larsen and Michael Sorter play Eurydice and Eurydice’s father, respectively. Larsen said this play is different from other because it shows “all the different forms of love that exist.” Sorter said his favorite aspect of the show is the “ties within the script.” Darla Jones, director, said it is a “poignant and tender” show.

Jones said she “read it in grad school and fell in love it.” She designed costumes for the show about five years ago. However, “the costumes are so completely different than everything [she] designed at that time,” Jones said. She said that she thought that “if [she] ever had the opportunity to produce [this] show” she would. Jones also said that “when you have the right people for it it just is magical.”

The actors just finished up with tech week and will have dress rehearsal next week.

Eurydice opens Friday, February 20th, at 7 p.m. An encore performance will be the next night, February 21st, at 7 p.m.