Reapportioning of seats causes miscommunication in SGA


There has been recent confusion in Student Government Association because of a miscommunication regarding the reapportioning of representative seats.

Each college, based off of population, has a certain number of representatives in SGA. However, due to a miscommunication, the total number of students per college did not match the total number of undergraduate students when added together.

Student Body President Cody Westphal said the formula used to distribute the seats was correct when a bill was brought up during meeting last Tuesday.

This was because students from TCU Ranch Management and University Programs were not counted to be represented. Westphal said this accounts for approximately 100 students.

The mathematical errors have been revised in order for SGA to vote on the redistribution of seats this Tuesday. It is important that this bill goes through in order for elections to happen on schedule this semester.

However, for the future, SGA should reexamine these non-represented students.

Miscommunications happen and because of elections, there is not enough time to make a referendum in order to add these representatives.

A referendum requires a student body vote, Westphal said. There simply is not enough time to do that before elections later this semester.

SGA needs to take this situation into account when thinking about redistributing seats in the future, as well as carefully examine how this information is communicated at meetings in order to have things run smoothly.

Academics Editor Tori Whitley for the editorial board.