City council elections characterized by uncontested races

Fort Worth voters are not likely to see much change at City Hall after next month’s municipal elections.
Mayor Betsy Price and three incumbent council members are unopposed in the election a month from today on May 9.
District 9’s Ann Zadeh, District 3’s Zim Zimmerman and District 6’s Jungus Jordan are running uncontested. Zimmerman and Zadeh each represent portions of southwestern Fort Worth.
Zimmerman’s principal focus is to maintain property taxes at their existing levels, according to his website.
Zadeh said her priorities lie in protecting, maintaining and improving neighborhoods.
“My focus is to increase citizen participation and to get more people involved in their neighborhood of District 9,” Zadeh said. “When you’re active at a slow time in your neighborhood, your voice is heard more during an eventful time.”
Her district is working on better communication through websites and social media platforms to gain community input on different topics, Zadeh said.
One of the most contentious topics this term has been the TCU overlay, which ultimately reduced the number of occupants in rental homes from five to three unrelated students.
With a compromise in December, existing properties could maintain the original ordinance as long they registered with the city by March 31.
Zadeh said the campus has reached out to start working on the good neighbor policy and that she is happy that it is happening.
“The whole process opened a lot of communication through students and neighborhood residents in a positive way,” Zadeh said.
“The university is doing a great job with connecting students to the community with internships and building relationships to Fort Worth in a way that makes them want to stay here,” she said.
The last day to register to vote for the spring election is today, April 9.
Early voting begins April 27 and will go until May 5.
Libby Vincek is a public affairs reporter for The 109. Email her at [email protected]