Paschal softball aiming high against lowly Texans

By TCU 360

Coming off of a 10-0 shutout against Arlington Lamar Tuesday night, the Paschal Panthers seek to keep the wins coming as they near the end of their season.
The Panthers (11-7, 8-4, 4-6A) face the Arlington Sam Houston Texans Friday night, at 6 p.m., at Workman Field.

When these teams last met, the Panthers won easily 10-0. Arlington Sam Houston (0-7, 0-7, 4-6A) is currently last in district standings. Paschal is third in district play behind Arlington Martin and Weatherford.
The Texans have lost each of their last two games by 15 runs or more. Panthers coach Sarah Dokie-Reyes said the Panthers will need to focus on keeping control of the game and playing at their own speed despite the apparent disparity of the matchup.
“It’s about the speed of things,” Dokie-Reyes said. “This game can be really slow so we have to be the ones to change the tempo of it, and we control that tempo with our defense.”

Dokie-Reyes also emphasized the importance of her team maintaining its composure no matter who the opponent is.

“They really do have to stay disciplined,” said Dokie-Reyes. “That’s what they need to focus in on no matter who they’re playing.”

The Panthers will face first place Arlington Martin next week. Dokie-Reyes is already looking forward to that matchup, where Paschal hopes to redeem itself from an 8-3 loss to the Warriors earlier in the season.
“We’re going to have to think about strategy,” said Dokie-Reyes. “It’s about what their weaknesses are.”
“But it’s also about what we didn’t do last time.”
Amanda Hernandez is a sports reporter for The 109. Email her at [email protected]