Students benefiting from extended pass/no credit, drop deadlines

Students benefiting from extended pass/no credit, drop deadlines

Students are appreciating and benefiting from the extended pass/no credit and drop deadlines.

Having these deadlines later in the semester allows students to better judge whether or not they are in good standing with their grades, junior accounting major John Reeser said.

“I’ve had classes where the majority of major tests and projects are back-loaded,” Reeser said. “Therefore it was hard to properly determine if I was on track to do well. It’s much better now.”

After being passed by the Student Government Association, the Faculty Senate and Provost Nowell Donovan last May, this spring was the first semester with the extended deadlines.

Bryan Smith, a senior finance major, said he thinks it’s a good change.

“Having more time to declare a class pass/no credit or to drop a class is huge,” Smith said. “It gives you a better chance of knowing where you stand in your classes.”

To compare the significance of the change, last semester’s deadlines were on the Thursday (drop deadline) and Friday (pass/no credit deadline) of the ninth week of the semester.

This semester the deadlines were on the Thursday of the twelfth week (drop deadline) and the Monday of the thirteenth week (pass/no credit deadline).

Two additional weeks into a semester can be a drastic change, said Luke Bailey, a junior biology major.

“I have tests every two to three weeks, so having another test under my belt gives me a better understanding of my grades,” Bailey said.

Faculty Senate Chair and Instructor in the Religion Department Jan Quesada said she hasn’t noticed any changes.

“Honestly, I have not noticed any drastic difference for myself, fellow faculty members or our students,” Quesada said.

After seemingly no negatives, these extended deadlines are here to stay, said Registrar and Director of Enrollment Management Patrick Miller.

“This is the new policy and will continue into future semesters,” Miller said.