Staff Assembly closes out semester


The TCU Staff Assembly discussed their visions for the future and elected new officer positions in their final meeting of the semester Tuesday.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Todd Waldvogel and Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration Brian Gutierrez both gave presentations in their specific fields about plans for TCU’s future.

Gutierrez presented the highlights of the budget for the 2016 fiscal year, including the increase of tuition by 5.5 percent to $40,630.

He said although tuition has historically increased yearly, the competitive market would not allow an increase near 5 percent again.

“Those are history,” Gutierrez said. “We need to be very judicious about our future tuition increases.”

Gutierrez also announced that the Academy of Tomorrow initiative will see its reserve rise by $15.9 million more this year than last year, for a total of $50.7 million.

Waldvogel spoke about the new Facilities Master Plan, which he said he wants to be a “living, breathing process.”

“We’re going to take the perspective of everyone that has a stake in the success of our university as a voice in what we’re doing,” Waldvogel said.

He said although the plan will focus on developing the Academy of Tomorrow initiative, “the mission and vision of our university” will remain in focus.

Waldvogel spoke on behalf of a committee of 23 members, made up of faculty, students and staff, that is in charge of developing and guiding the plan.

Waldvogel said while TCU has grown rapidly in the last decade, problems with space still need to be solved.

“We know we have parking challenges and recreational field challenges,” Waldvogel said. “By 2030, we’re going to need 30 percent more water than we need today.”

The meeting marked the last official duties of Sheri Milhollin as chairwoman. Milhollin passed the gavel to Jay Iorizzo, who will serve as chairman until next May.

Elections were held to determine the positions of chair-elect, secretary and elections chair.

Wendy Bell won the position of elections chair, Janet Martin was named the new secretary and Rodney Baker won chair-elect.

Baker will take over for Iorizzo next May.