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A TCU student reaches for a Celsius from a vending machine- a refreshing boost amidst a hectic day of lectures and exams. (Kelsey Finley/Staff Writer)
The caffeine buzz is a college student's drug
By Kelsey Finley, Staff Writer
Published Apr 18, 2024
College students seem to have a reliance on caffeine to get them through lectures and late night study sessions, but there are healthier alternatives to power through the day.

Mass Appeal to premiere in Fort Worth’s Circle Theatre

The conflict between a comfortably ensconced priest and an outspoken, young seminarian will play out at Fort Worth’s Circle Theatre later this month in the area’s premiering of “Mass Appeal.”

TCU professor Alan Shorter directs the story of Father Tim Farley, played by Jackie Cabe, and his idealistic protege, Mark Dolson, played by Justin Lemieux.

“Mass Appeal,” ​written by Bill Davis, has been performed all over the world, from New York’s Broadway Theatre in 1982 to the London’s Finborough Theatre in 2006.

“The play really looks at how to approach the world of art,” Davis said. “You can give people what they want to hear or you can say something radical.”

The play was adapted for film in 1984, starring two-time Academy Award winner Jack Lemmon and Primetime Emmy Award winner Zeljko Ivanek.
The opening performance at Circle Theatre is scheduled for June 18, and will continue the following four weekends.
Written in 1980, the play tackles controversial topics such as religion, politics and deeper questions that still resonate today about the human condition.
“It has always been a favorite play of mine because of its relevance,” Director Alan Shorter said. “It makes you think a lot about examining what we believe in so many areas.”
This will be the first production of “Mass Appeal” in the Fort Worth area.
“It will be an outstanding performance from two great actors,” Tim Long, Circle Theatre’s associate producer, said.
TCU professor and actor Jackie Cabe, who plays Father Tim Farley, has appeared in Fox’s hit series Prison Break.
Shorter has worked with both actors in the past.
“I have had the chance to learn from my actors everyday,” Shorter said. “The bottom line for me was this: we have a lot to learn from each other if we could just learn to listen.”
General admission tickets range from $10 to $35.
For more information, visit www.circletheatre.com.

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