Kids Who Care hosts International Music Theatre Camp

By Joey McReynolds

Students from all around the world will meet up for the Kids Who Care International Musical Theatre Camp.
According to the program’s website, the camp started this Sunday, July 12, and will give children the chance to explore the world of music over the next two weeks.  The camp can be attended by children ages 6 to 18 and is hosted at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center.
Deborah Jung, executive director and founder for the Kids Who Care program, said the summer camp provides children the opportunity to pursue theater outside of their hometowns.
“Our desire at Kids Who Care is to create a place where the child is cherished,” Jung said. “To find kids who love the process of creating musical theatre (and) to find adults who adore kids and the process.”
According to Kathy Albright, the program’s development director, Kids Who Care has hosted international students for over 20 years, creating relationships across the globe.
“We are very purposeful to seek international relations,” Albright said.
Students travel from countries such as China, Australia, Mexico, and Germany. Albright said the program continually strives to reach a larger demographic throughout the world.
Nicky Castle is a volunteer from Australia for the Kids Who Care program. She said the program has effected the way she interacts with people from other parts of the world.
“It changes everything. Suddenly these countries are not so far away or unknown, but they become very personal,” Castle said.
Kristen Thiebaud, public relations director at Kids Who Care, said students will be given the chance to perform an original production, ‘Look Up.’
The play was written by local artists and inspired by various works and ideas from team members at Kids Who Care such as Sydnie Roy, international leader and camp alumni.
“It seems to be a hot topic right now, especially among our generation” Roy said. “It encourages us to start looking up from our phone and talking to other people a little bit more.”
According to Andrea Ballard, Kids Who Care marketing director, the play is scheduled for five performances to be held at Scott Theatre.
However, the program aims much higher than musical theatre, but to build character and lasting relationships among their students.
“I can’t even express how much confidence in myself that Kids Who Care has given me” said Jayden Castle, international student leader. “I want to share that with everyone.”
For more information on the camp or how you can get involved, visit their website.