Renovated Colby Hall opens with new amenities


Colby Hall, the only all-women’s residence hall on campus for first-year students, has reopened this semester with brand new amenities.

The hall opened after being closed for 14 months of construction and has reclaimed its status as an all-women’s hall.

“The desired results are to have another beautifully renovated building that has its own unique character,” said Craig Allen, the director of Housing & Residence Life.

“University housing decided it was Colby’s turn to be renovated,” Allen said. “The hall has many new amenities that will create an environment that brings students together.”

Residents of the all-women’s dormitory will see the biggest changes in the basement. Allen said residents are now calling it the “Colby Cove.”

“The basement used to have just laundry,” Allen said. “Now it has laundry, restrooms, study space, a baking section and a lot of social hangout space.”

Natural light was a main element in the renovation. The natural lighting is used to brighten the lounges, hallways and study spaces on each floor, Allen said.

“We want it to be a place where students feel at home,” Allen said. “The environment itself brings people out and together.”

The number of first-year students that requested Colby Hall increased a little bit from the previous year, but not much, Allen said.

Around 200 women requested Colby Hall as their preference this year, Allen said.

“It is not as popular as it used to be years ago,” Allen said.

Despite rumors of Foster Hall being renovated next, Colby Hall is the last dormitory to be renovated.

University housing is looking at fraternity and sorority housing next.

“Now that Colby is done we are going to move on and do our fraternity and sorority housing because there are no residence halls left to renovate,” Allen said.