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Students want more from Walsh

The renovations to the Walsh Center for Performing Arts seem to be stopping with the exterior.

The exterior renovations on the Walsh Center for Performing Arts finished last year, but many students said they wish that construction had also included the interior.

However, it doesn’t seem like interior renovation is in the cards any time soon.

“We did not do any renovation on the interior spaces in Walsh, nor are there any plans at this time for future work,” said Harold Leeman, the planning, design and construction director for the TCU Physical Plant.

One of the biggest complaints from students is that the interior amenities don’t have enough room to accommodate all the music and theatre majors.

Senior music composition major Jalen Monday said the lack of renovations has begun to cause discomfort.

“We just need more space and lockers available to us in general,” Monday said. “If they built toward that, then the School of Music student body would be satisfied with construction.”

Senior theatre major Dana Cassling said the lack of space makes it hard for music, theatre, and nonperformance majors to coexist.

“There is a lot wrong with Walsh,” Cassling said. “Mainly, there’s not enough space for music and theatre to coexist peacefully.”

Cassling said she feels as though the beautiful exterior work does not make up for the fact that interior renovations are needed as well.

“It’s like they put a new coat of paint on a car with no engine,” Cassling said.


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