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Students report slashed tires at Edge 55 Apartments

Several tires at Edge 55 Apartments were slashed last weekend, sparking new security measures for the complex.

Several cars at Edge 55 Student Apartments had their tires slashed last weekend.

Sometime between late Friday night and early Saturday morning, most of the cars parked facing the residence buildings had one or more tires slashed.

Jona Bloss, a senior film, television and digital media major, said having his tires slashed didn’t come as much of a surprise.

“I’ve always heard about random people going through and parking in the lot,” Bloss said. “So it was only a matter of time before someone’s bike was stolen, or in this case, a bunch of tires slashed.”

In response to the event, Edge 55 changed all their pedestrian and entrance gate codes and offered each affected resident the number to file to the police, Bloss said.

Edge 55 is also giving out parking stickers to all residents, and plans on towing cars found in lots without them after this week, according to a complex wide text sent out to all residents.

Jack Kempner, a senior computer science major and resident, said a more secure fence, as well as a guard that could patrol late at night and early in the morning would be beneficial.

“I would also really advise security cameras by all the gate entrances,” Kempner said.

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