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Health Center brings on new campus dietitian to address student concerns

TCU Campus dietitian Lindsey Mathes sat down to talk about the services she provides to the TCU student body.

The TCU Health Center added a new campus dietitian to its staff to help address the dietary concerns of students.

Lindsey Mathes, from Buffalo, New York, now serves as the TCU Campus Dietitian in order to help aid the dietary concerns of Horned Frog students.

Mathes said she left a desk job in 2007 because she wanted to be involved in the health of society. After earning a degree from the distance dietetics program at Kansas State University and receiving her license, Mathes came to TCU on Aug. 9.

“TCU is seeing more students with dietary restrictions and food allergies, according to Director of Operations of TCU Dining Services Michael Dahl,” Mathes said.

There was uncertainty for these students and parents about who to contact about dining hall concerns. Mathes now serves as that point of contact.

“Students will come to me and say ‘I have celiac. I’m afraid to eat in the dining halls because of cross-contamination,’” Mathes said.

In addition to seeing students with dietary restrictions, Mathes said she sees students with general dietary concerns.

“The ‘freshman fifteen’ phrase continues to exist,” Mathes said. “Some are finding [they’re] gaining weight and don’t know how to balance their diets.”

Mathes provides students with tips on balancing their diets and living healthier lives.

TCU Campus Dietitian Lindsey Mathes says these three tips will help college students to maintain a healthy lifestyle during their time at TCU.
TCU Campus Dietitian Lindsey Mathes said these three tips will help college students to maintain a healthy lifestyle during their time at TCU.


“I honestly had no idea we had a campus dietitian,” junior music education major Alex Kilcoyne said. “I think students would use [the dietitian] more if they knew we had one.”

Mathes wants students to know that she is available to all students.

“I want them to know that my services are completely complementary,” Mathes said. “ I will talk to anybody about any nutrition related concern.”

Food allergies, eating disorders and exercise concerns all fall under things Mathes said she addresses with students.

“There may be students that I have to refer out because they are beyond my scope of practice,” Mathes said. “However, if I can be their starting point, I would be thrilled.”

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