One Million Reasons reaches hundreds of students


The One Million Reasons program helps students prepare for the future by building financial literacy skills.

Student Development Services set its goal to teach 2,500 students about financial literacy this school year through One Million Reasons.

One Million Reasons is a program “designed to help students understand basic money management skills such as budgeting, credit, investments, and debt,” according to its website.

Through a variety of workshops, events and series, students have the ability to learn more about financial matters that are applicable to life after college.

The National Financial Educators Council provides a financial literacy test consisting of questions directed at students in high school. Only 60 percent of those students scored in the ‘average’ category. College students scored 67 percent.

These statistics prove that financial literacy is not a skill every college student acquires by the time of graduation.

The program aims to be proactive to students’ financial literacy needs, said Rachael Capua, the assistant director of the sophomore and junior year experience. The curriculum is divided into three units: mastering the basics, developing your skills and considering the future.

By pairing with other programs already established on campus, such as Connections and Greek organizations, OMR has been able to get in contact with a wide range of students.

“The benefits are that these [workshops] help plan not only for near future but also long term success,” Capua said.

Capua also said the program stresses the importance of financial education and learning new topics.

Leading the workshops are OMR Ambassadors, which include seven undergraduate students and one graduate student.

There is one ambassador representing each different college on campus, with the exception of the Neeley School of Business being represented twice. Capua also attends workshops to ensure everything runs smoothly.

“OMR is a great resource for students to utilize because finances will always be relevant,” graduate associate Elizabeth Rosales said. “We give our best efforts in providing students adequate material and resources, allowing them to implement what they learn into their daily lives.”

Capua said she hopes to reach more than just the student body through OMR. She also plans to open future events to faculty, staff and alumni.

Student Development Services works with the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Admission to provide these events for students.

The program began in the summer and will continue through next semester. Money Week, a week of guest speakers related to finance, will be held in April.

Additional resources on financial literacy are available on the SDS website.

Professors can request a lesson to be taught by emailing [email protected] or

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