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Students give advice for upcoming finals

Students are utilizing the new wing of the library to study for upcoming finals.

TCU students are diligently preparing for the upcoming exam season and upperclassmen across campus are offering their advice on how to succeed on their finals.  

There are plenty of spaces around campus for students to study with the opening of the library’s new wing and possible extended hours for both Rees-Jones Hall and the Brown-Lupton University Union.

Some students offered study advice that ranges from the best study spots to studying productively.

Junior strategic communication major Joe Wilseck said his favorite study spot on campus is Rees-Jones Hall.

“Rees-Jones is great,” Wilseck said. “There are always people studying in there and it feels better knowing that I’m not the only one working hard. Plus the study rooms are really helpful when getting together with classmates.”

Beyond picking the perfect spot to set up camp during dead days, some students say adopting productive study habits can be the key toward succeeding during final exams.

Sophomore political science major Autumn Simpson said the best way to focus while studying for finals is by putting the phone away and getting away from the easy distractions of social media.

“I would say 99 percent of the time when I’m studying for tests I’m snapchatting and checking Instagram,” Simpson said. “It’s a huge distraction, so locking my phone away is the only way I can truly buckle down and focus.”

“Health Guidance” ranks the Internet as the No. 1 distraction for students while studying for exams.  

Junior strategic communication major Kirstin Mullins said cleaning her room before she starts studying helps increase her focus.

“Right before I start studying I clean my room from top to bottom,” Mullins said. “It feels better when there is less clutter around and I can focus solely on the material and not on what needs to be cleaned up.”

Junior early childhood education major Melissa Piesche said compiling study playlists and Quizlets are her keys to successful studying.

“Having good music to listen to helps make studying less miserable,” Piesche said. “And making Quizlets helps me remember the material from class before I even start to really study it.”

TCU Center for Academic Services has the same time management techniques reflected on its website.

“Keeping your personal and academic materials organized will facilitate efficient time management. Additionally, study smarter and not longer. Use frequent intense study sessions over time versus long marathon sessions,” according to the website

Final exam week begins Monday, Dec. 14, and will continue through Friday, Dec. 18.

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