Chemistry professor schools students on the court


For more than 35 years, TCU professor David Minter has mixed organic chemistry with a powerful backhand.

Minter uses racquetball as a way to connect with his students outside of the classroom. He says he’s played hundreds of students over the years, even setting up weekly games that have lasted from students’ sophomore years to graduation.

Students say Minter often grabs a meal with them after racquetball matches, showing a genuine dedication that is representative of his character.

“He’s compassionate, and hardworking, and just has a heart of gold,” senior chemistry and math major Samuel Floren said.

As an additional sign of his diligence, Minter says he hasn’t missed a TCU home basketball game in 35 years.

“Oh, I don’t miss basketball games,” Minter said. “Everybody deserves support, and I’m always there.”

TCU alumnus Luke Lossau still plays racquetball with Minter. He said he’s very close to Minter because of racquetball, and has even asked Minter to attend his upcoming wedding.

For Minter, there’s no sign of slowing down.

“I view racquetball as that lifetime sport,” Minter said.

With a passion for sharing his favorite lifetime sport, Minter has been able to affect his students’ lives.