Roxo awarded for its third consecutive year at Worthy Awards


From left to right: Roxstars Whitney Machacek, Addy Kryger, Oscar Roel, Hayley Byk and Madison Gottlieb attended the Worthy Awards on November 5 at the Fort Worth Club. Roxo’s President Roel, here pictured holding an Award of Achievement, worked on the Revitalize Charging Solutions team. Gottlieb, account executive, holds a Worthy Award alongside coworker Byk in recognition of her team’s work for Fort Worth Bike Sharing. Roxstars Machacek and Kryger were not members of the award-winning teams but do serve as copywriter and social media manager, respectively, for Roxo, according to Roxo’s website.

Roxo, TCU’s student-run strategic communication agency, won awards for its third consecutive year at the fourth annual Worthy Awards on November 5.

Public Relations Manager Kelli Massey wrote in a November press release that the Worthy Awards is held annually by the Greater Fort Worth Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America to recognize advertising and public relations agencies in the greater Fort Worth area.

Roxo won an Award of Achievement for its social media design for Revitalize Charging Solutions and a Worthy Award for its social media campaign for Fort Worth Bike Sharing, Massey wrote.

Chapter president Michelle Clark, who is accredited in public relations and serves as the assistant vice chancellor of communications at TCU, said the Worthy Awards allow the chapter to recognize the important work of local strategic communications agencies.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and support one another,” Clark said. “In our line of work, we often shine the spotlight on others, so to have our own successes recognized is a professional boon.”

The Worthy Awards event was held at the Fort Worth Club at 6:30 p.m., according to the chapter’s website.

Roxo’s President Oscar Roel, who described himself as the social media manager and account planner of the team that worked with Revitalize Charging Solutions, attended the Worthy Awards on behalf of his team, Massey wrote.

Roel said his team’s work for the clean energy start-up company, Revitalize Charging Solutions, included increasing its social media followers, conducting research and using social media platforms to ask followers what could be improved about the company.
Roel said the awards brought credibility to the student-run agency.

“When agencies hear ‘student-led,’ they assume we produce below-average work,” Roel said. “Roxo winning these awards showed the Fort Worth community what Roxo has to offer, and we are on track to win more awards for the years to come.”

Channel planner Madison Ladd and account executive Colleen Garland also worked on Roel’s team.

Meanwhile, Madison Gottlieb served as account executive for the team that won a Worthy Award for its social media campaign for Fort Worth Bike Sharing, Roel said.
Roel said Gottlieb and her team increased Fort Worth Bike Sharing’s Twitter and Instagram activity by taking pictures around campus of TCU students using the rentable red bikes.

He said the team’s work increased ridership, especially during the weekends. He said Gottlieb’s team conducted surveys that showed TCU students were using the bikes more for leisurely activities than for transportation.

Gottlieb said her team’s social media campaign produced excellent results.

“We were able to see the direct impact and progress we made by increasing Fort Worth Bike Sharing’s presence through our graphic design, marketing and social media efforts,” Gottlieb said. “This partnership was extremely rewarding.”

Joining Gottlieb on the team were copyrighter and account planner Megan Wallstedt, public relations manager Elle Gargano and graphic designer Hayley Byk.

Roxo has also won Worthy Awards for its Valentine’s Day Campaign for the TCU Men’s Tennis Team in 2014 and for its work for the Lone Star Film Festival in 2013, Massey wrote.