TCU Army ROTC gives back to community with trash pickup


Cadets after cleaning up Trinity Park

Cadets in TCU’s Army ROTC program said they believe it is their duty to give back to the community – this time by cleaning up a local park.

Sixty TCU Cadets collected 20 bags of trash last Thursday at Trinity Park.

While the cadets found that the park was already a very well kept area, they attempted to leave the park spotless by reaching high and low to find garbage left at the park.


IMAG0961-2Senior physics major Thomas Paz said it is crucial for the program to emphasize the importance of giving back to the community and to the younger cadets. Paz said the ROTC program teaches all cadets that their impact on the community can make an astounding difference.


“We think that it is very important to instill a sense of altruism to our younger cadets in the ROTC program,” Paz said.

Paz said the TCU Army ROTC program is planning on coordinating more opportunities for its cadets to give back to the community.

Their planning efforts include discussions of doing service projects with Habitat for Humanity or The Boys and Girls Club.

“We’ll definitely be doing more service projects, whether it be small scale like cleaning up a community or something on a larger scale like helping build a house,” Paz said.


The TCU Army ROTC program is planning another trash cleanup soon.

“As a society, we all should care for our neighbors as we do ourselves,” Paz said.