Video: cello ensemble closes out semester with winter concert


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The TCU Cello Ensemble brought the semester to a harmonized end on Dec. 11. Twelve cellists, a mixture of both graduate and undergraduate students, performed pieces ranging from Mozart to Rossini at a free concert in Pepsico Recital Hall.

The ensemble provides cellists with an opportunity to showcase and sharpen their talents. Students must audition prior to the semester and be willing to dedicate a considerable amount of time to practicing individually and rehearsing with the group.

This semester, Ignancy Gaydamovich, a TCU alum and a guest director, directed the ensemble. Gaydamovich said he has enjoyed his experience with the ensemble.

“Cello ensemble is very specific,” Gaydamovich said. “It’s a cross between chamber music and orchestral playing so they get to experience both things at the same time.”

Along with the uniqueness of the technicalities of the ensemble, graduate assistant McCaryn Bourgeois said she believes the camaraderie amongst group members is equally as unique.

“I think our studio is really special because it is very much like a family,” Bourgeois said. “We do rehearsals during the day, but then at night we do things like go shopping. I think it is really special that way because it makes us play better together.”

Graduate assistant Liqian Zhao, a foreign exchange student from China who has been studying cello in the United States for the last two years, said the ensemble allowed her to experience something new while continuing to improve her skills on an instrument she has grown up playing.

“I picked cello because my father taught cello,” Zhao said. “I’ve played since I was five, and I realize now I can’t live without cello. I need water, and the cello is the same thing with water.

First year student Lexi Cole said the cello ensemble allows her to stay in touch with her musical side.

“It just brings out emotions that I don’t get to bring out in other areas of my life,” Cole said. “It’s just something really fun for me and the people are great.”

Gaydamovich said he felt that the concert was an example of all that the TCU School of Music has to offer to the campus community.

“The students and faculty here are amazing,” Gaydamovich said. “It’s also a school with a very high level of playing, especially in the cello studio. The entire campus— actually, the entire country— should know more about this school.”

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