Spoilers expert: TCU alumna’s hot start on ‘Bachelor’ could be bad sign

A popular source for The Bachelor spoilers said TCU alumna Olivia Caridi isnt on the show to make friends.

A popular source for “The Bachelor” spoilers said TCU alumna Olivia Caridi isn’t on the show to make friends.

Not only did TCU alumna Olivia Caridi survive another week on “The Bachelor,” it was revealed that Caridi supposedly had the highest amount of chemistry with this season’s bachelor.

In this week’s episode, Caridi was one of six women to test her chemistry with bachelor Ben Higgins at “The Love Lab.” After receiving the “first impression rose” in last week’s season premiere, Caridi was deemed most compatible with Higgins and received the group date rose.

Caridi, a former TCU 360 executive editor who graduated with a degree in journalism in 2014, was one of 28 women picked for the 20th season of “The Bachelor.” Last week, during the show’s premiere, Caridi received the first impression rose from Ben Higgins, this season’s bachelor.

But while it seems like Caridi is smooth sailing in the season’s early-going, one “Bachelor” spoilers expert said that might not be good news for Caridi.

Stephen Carbone, better known as “realitySteve,” is best known for being “the spoiler guy” for all things concerning “The Bachelor.” Carbone said Caridi might be more cursed than blessed after receiving the “first impression rose” last week.

Carbone said he agreed with Higgins’ choice to give Caridi the first impression rose, but the first impression rose typically makes its recipient a target for the remainder of the season, which might be bad news for Caridi.

According to Carbone’s sources, Caridi is the “I’m not here to make friends” woman on this season of “The Bachelor,” and it seems like the show might have gotten the best of her, Carbone said.

Carbone got involved with “The Bachelor” four years ago when he received his first tip concerning drama between bachelor Jason Mesnick and the last two women from his season.

“I saw the attraction spoilers were to people,” Carbone said. “Once I got that spoiler, my audience increased a lot because other outlets were now referencing me as the ‘spoiler guy’.”

However, Carbone’s interest in the show ends with the spoilers.

“I think the whole concept of the show is silly, and I’ve said that for years,” Carbone said. He said the show isn’t actually about love, and the show has proven it is better at producing failed relationships than successful ones.

“Nothing you see on the ‘Bachelor’ is organic,” Carbone said. “Everything is controlled by producers and they know what’s going on at all times.”

TCU alum Olivia Caridi received the "first impression rose" on last night's season premiere of "The Bachelor." (Photo: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group)
TCU alum Olivia Caridi received the “first impression rose” on last night’s season premiere of “The Bachelor.” (Photo: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group)

“These people are put in a bubble for a couple months where they think they’re falling in love with the other person, but what they’re really falling in love with is the idea that they’re falling in love,” Carbone said.

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