Open carry guide: where you can and can't open carry in the 109

By Elizabeth Campbell

As residents adjust to the open carry law which went into effect Jan 1., local businesses are deciding if they will permit open carrying of guns in their establishments.
Check out the map below for a list of which local businesses are permitting open carry and which aren’t around the 76109 ZIP code.

The open carry law allows Texas residents with concealed hand gun permits to now openly carry their firearms in a shoulder or hip holster. The law also allows business to decide if they will be allowing open carry on a case by case basis.
According to the Chapter 30.07 of the Texas Penal Code, establishments that wish to restrict open carry must post a sign at any entrance to the building that states a person may not enter the property with a gun that is openly carried. That message must also be posted in contrasting colors using block letters at least an inch tall in both English and Spanish, according to the code.
They can also prohibit handguns that are concealed; however, they must post a second sign that specifically prohibits concealed carry.
Many businesses haven’t posted signs outside their businesses yet, but they have the ability to verbally tell customers that open carry isn’t permitted.