Mayor Price invites community to join in week of service

By Shelby Whitson

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price invites residents to join for the “Mayor’s Compassionate Week of Service.”
Compassionate Fort Worth partnered with the mayor for a series of volunteer opportunities from Jan. 16- 24.
“Compassion is the back bone of everything that strong cities should do,” said Price in a promotional video.
Last year, the city council signed the International Charter for Compassion, designating Fort Worth as a Compassionate City.
Members of the Mayor’s Faith-Based Cabinet are encouraging residents to organize service projects throughout the week.
The Compassionate Fort Worth website lists the following ways to participate in the week of service:

  • Help a neighbor
  • Serve someone in need
  • Write ‘thank you’ letters to teachers, first responders or police officers
  • Create a family or neighborhood project
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Serve meals to the homeless
  • Donate clothing to a local shelter

The website lists several organizations with which they have partnered.
“It’s important for us to recognize in this city that we in fact have people that are not as well cared for, not as well served as we could be,” said city council member Dennis Shingleton.

Letter from Mayor Betsy Price
Mayor Betsy Price shared an open letter with members of the Fort Worth community.
Individuals or teams can still register at the website with events and activities for the week. More information can also be found on the Facebook page.