Holiday break safety checks result in alcohol violations


Several TCU students were issued alcohol violations over holiday break after alcohol was discovered in their dorm rooms during safety checks.

More than a dozen violations for alcohol possession were issued over the break, said Craig Allen, the director of housing and residence life.

Maggie Cohen, a sophomore, said she and her suite-mates were issued violations after empty wine bottles were found.

“We had wine in our room leftover in the trashcan,” Cohen said.

Allen said alcohol violations can be issued even when students are not present.

“If you’re not 21, then it’s against the law to have alcohol in your room,” Allen said. “If we happen to see it when we enter a room, we aren’t going to ignore a violation of Texas state law.”

He said students can talk to their hall directors for guidance if they are held responsible for committing a violation.

Resident assistants and hall directors perform safety checks in residence halls before prolonged breaks. Selina Rodriguez, a senior who has been an RA for four semesters, said safety checks are performed two to three times a year.

She said RAs check for prohibited items, such as candles, and make sure students are using the right type of extension cords. Sometimes, they even find miscellaneous items that have been stolen from the campus.

“We have caught and prevented some pretty significant problems by going in and checking rooms,” she said.