Worth Hills parking garage behind schedule


Layout of future parking garage located near Greek Village and Worth Hills.

Last fall’s heavy rains have pushed back the completion of the Worth Hills and Greek parking garage.

Kathryn Cavins-Tull, the vice chancellor for student affairs at TCU, said the project was originally scheduled to be completed in August but was pushed back due to the heavy rainfall in fall 2015.

The parking garage construction is a current priority for the school because of the lack of parking Worth Hills and Greek students are currently dealing with.

Jacqueline Hutchins, a sophomore political science and history major at TCU, said she almost never finds a parking spot near the PE Clark and Marion dorms where she lives.

“Parking is a serious struggle,” Hutchins said. “I either have to park at the intramural fields or all the way in the freshman lot and then take a shuttle back to my dorm.”

Maggie Hirtz, a sophomore nursing major, said she had similar sentiments.

“Sometimes it’s a real struggle to find a parking spot, so I’ll have to park in the overflow lot, which is really annoying,” Hirtz said.

There is still a lot of work to be done on the parking garage before it will be ready for students to use, Cavins-Tull said.

When asked how much money would be put into this project, Cavins-Tull said it was still too early to tell.

The garage is expected to have about 1,100 parking spaces, which will accommodate nearly all of the students living in either Worth Hills or the Greek housing.
The project, which began in the summer of 2015, is expected to be completed during the fall semester of 2016.