‘Batman’ executive producer speaks to students at leadership conference


Students listen to keynote speaker Michael Uslan as he talks about effective leadership skills.

TCU hosted the State of Leadership Conference this weekend to help students hone their leadership skills.

The one-day conference featured Michael Uslan, the executive producer of the “Batman” movies, as the keynote speaker. Uslan told TCU students a leader needs to have an open mind, an open heart and a strong support system to succeed.

“Becoming a leader or [being] successful requires getting strengths from close people,” Uslan said.

Tierra Ledet, a junior psychology major, said the conference helped redefine her leadership skills.

Faith Dickerson, education and English double major, said the conference was an opportunity to focus on who she is as a leader. She said she also learned how to help others be leaders.

TCU had previously held the State of Leadership Conference in the past. It was brought back this year because of a “larger population growing at TCU” give students a chance to grow as leaders, said Dede Williams, the director of the TCU Leadership Center.

“There’s a need to provide more and more opportunities for students to grow in their leadership learning, as well as their experiences,” Williams said.

During her session themed, “Are you allowing others to lead?,” Williams told students that a good leader does not only express ideas; he or she listens to other people’s ideas as well.

Nichole Reader, executive director for the State of Leadership Conference, said the goal of the conference was to develop leadership experience in as many students as possible.

Students who attended the conference earned half a credit of TCU leadership.