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TCU News Now: an update on Super Tuesday, the warm temperatures to come and TCU Athletics
TCU News Now: an update on Super Tuesday, the warm temperatures to come and TCU Athletics
By News Now Staff
Published Mar 4, 2024

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SWAT called to River Park Dr. for domestic dispute

An active SWAT incident is all clear now after a domestic dispute this morning in the 6900 block of River Park Dr.

The apartment complex where the event took place.

The Fort Worth Police Department received a call this morning around 6:40 a.m. reporting that a man was banging on the door of an apartment building, according to the incident detail report.
Upon arriving, officers learned that the man was trying to talk to his estranged wife but no criminal offense had occurred, Sgt. Steve Enright, a FWPD Public Relations Officer, said.
“They did quell the situation to the point that the man was going to leave and the woman was going back to her apartment,” Enright said.
When the man left the apartment he went to the parking lot, entered his vehicle and retrieved a handgun Enright said. The man approached officers with a handgun and asked officers to shoot him.
“Basically suicide by cop,” Enright said.
However the cops did not comply.
“The officers used great restraint,” Enright said. “Instead, they took cover and they engaged the person in a conversation.”
The man then fired a single shot in the air, Enright said. The officers responded by calling for the tactical unit, the SWAT team, and a hostage negotiation team. Upon the tactical teams responding, they too engaged the man in a conversation, Enright said. The man also spoke to several people on his telephone during this incident, he said.
The officers were eventually able to get through to him. The man placed his gun on the ground and was taken into custody without incident, Enright said.
“We engaged in a dialogue and was able to tell him there were other things to consider,” Enright said. “Thankfully he agreed with that and surrendered.”
Enright said the man will probably be taken to a local hospital for some mental evaluation and mental assistance. As for criminal charges, he said that they will decide that at a later time.
Enright said that the officers who responded today did a “superior” job today and the incident was over by 9 a.m..
“Usually as a police officer when someone approaches you with a gun, even before he had the opportunity to say shoot me, it’s a deadly force situation,” Enright said. “They really used great restraint and took everything into consideration. Fortunately, we have one person that’s alive today, or maybe more than one person that’s alive today that might not have been.”


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