Free condoms were given to TCU students Wednesday night


Three student volunteers helping with Sexual awareness event.

Instead of flowers or candy, the Alcohol and Drug Education Center gave students condoms for Valentines day.

TCU students were given free condoms and information as they walked by the Sexual Responsibility Awareness event in the Brown-Lupton University Union Wednesday night, where they could spin a wheel to learn a sex statistic.

The goal of the event was for students to be safe and have an understanding of the consequences of having sex, said Briyet Sigala, a senior psychology major and peer educator for Frogs Care.

Sigala said they are not advocating for students to have sex, but if students choose to, they have the resources they need to be safe.

When asked why he went to the table, Carlos Hunnicutt, a sophomore marketing major, said the jar of condoms was intriguing.

Sigala said she hopes more education will minimize students’ risk of contracting STDs.

“Be smart–every choice you make has consequences,” Sigala said.

The Alcohol and Drug Education Center hosts multiple events on campus throughout the year, including condom bingo and sex jeopardy.

If students believe that they have contracted an STD, they can contact the health center here.