Renovations revealed for TCU baseball stadium


TCU Baseball facility an locker room reveal to players at Lupton Stadium in Fort Worth, Texas on February 10, 2016. (Photo by/Sharon Ellman)


TCU baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle buzzed with excitement on Friday after he and the team saw the completed renovations of the Lupton Stadium.

The stadium, where the Frogs have played since 2003, received a $7.5 million renovation that added a new locker room, classroom, team lounge, sports medicine center, equipment room, and coach’s office.

Schlossnagle said that the renovations were long overdue.

“It’s very well deserved on the part of the players and the great coaches that we’ve had come through here,” Schlossnagle said.

“It was nice to really focus in on the guys and their needs and really take care of them at the highest level.”

Schlossnagle said that it was exciting to be a part of the process throughout the construction.

“I’ve never built a house from the ground up, so it was fun to be able to go through that,” Schlossnagle said.

Schlossnagle also said that being able to give his opinion at meetings each week really benefitted his players.

He said that having a classroom on site is one of the renovations that he’s always wanted for TCU baseball.

“All coaches are teachers at heart,” Schlossnagle said. “You need a facility to teach in and the tools in which to do it, and now we have that.”

Schlossnagle said that he also expects the renovations will help with recruiting.

“This will hopefully help us with that guy who was maybe on the fence,” Schlossnagle said. “Maybe he’ll jump on our side.”

According to an earlier TCU360 report, TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte agrees with Schlossnagle.

“Having first-class facilities with all the modern amenities will also enhance our recruiting efforts,” Del Conte said.

Del Conte went on to say the athletes’ experience in the baseball program will be enhanced thanks to the donations of TCU benefactors.

All renovations are expected to be fully complete by the start of the 2016 baseball season on February 19 at the Lupton Stadium against Loyola Marymount University.