New Carter Tech Center offers alternative to lounges


The new Carter Tech Center is now open to all residential and nonresidential TCU students — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Tech Center, located between Carter Hall and Samuelson Hall, has been the home of the IT Help Desk for the past two years. But since the Help Desk has moved to the newly renovated area of the library, Housing & Residence Life was able to convert the spot back into space for students.

“I feel like it’s a cool place to socialize and hang out and meet new people,” said Carter resident A.J. Cott.

Tim Jordan, hall director of Samuelson Hall, and resident assistants from Samuelson and Carter hosted the grand opening of the Tech Center to showcase the updates.

Jordan said the space has updated furniture and will get more in the future.

“We’re trying to return to a place where students can go back and study and hang out,” Jordan said.

He said groups can use the Tech Center space to hold meetings or use it as a common space.

“The lounges are not as big as the Carter Tech Center is,” Jordan said.

Craig Allen, director of The Office of Housing & Residence Life, said the department was approached by members of the IT help desk two years ago. He said they were in need of a space while the library was undergoing renovations.

The IT Help Desk transitioned to the library in the fall, leaving room to re-introduce the Carter Tech Center.

“We’re excited to have it back as a community space, and they wanted to do something special to welcome everybody back,” said Allen.

Allen said Housing and Residence Life will be replacing and adding more pieces to the Tech Center.

“Hopefully by the time students come back after spring break, this will be set up the way we envision it for the long term,” he said.