Residents find furrier Valentines to love

By Kristen Weaver

Some Fort Worth residents found love with a furrier Valentine this year.
Petsmart had National Adoption Weekend last Thursday, Friday and Saturday where dogs and cats were put up for adoption at a discounted rate.
The adoption event had a Valentine’s Day theme and two areas set up for both dogs and cats. Outside, a tent was set up for dog adoptions and areas for possible owners to meet the animals.
Cats were up for adoption in partnership with Buddies Place Cat Rescue, a cat rescue center that adopts out of Petsmart and their own cat sanctuary in Fort Worth.
Kari Bahl, a Buddies Place volunteer, said working at the rescue center and helping cats and kittens is the most rewarding thing she does.
Overall, over 200 dogs and cats were taken home to spread the Valentine’s love last weekend.