Cruz throws attacks at Trump in Dallas rally before Super Tuesday elections

By Jacob Smith

Senator Ted Cruz addressed a crowd in Dallas today about what he calls the three key issues to this presidential campaign, “jobs, freedom and security.”
Making several digs at fellow candidate Donald Trump, Cruz focused on a immigration as one of the primary factors preventing job growth. Cruz pointed out Trump’s affiliation with the ‘gang of eight,’ the team of senators responsible for writing the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill.
“Of the eight members of the ‘gang of eight’, Donald Trump gave $50-thousand to five of them,” Cruz said.
The crowd responded in anger as Cruz described how religious freedoms and the right to bear arms are at stake in the upcoming election.
“We are one liberal justice away from the Supreme Court taking away everyone’s religious liberty,” Cruz said.
Cruz pointed out again how Trump is not as strong on this issue.
“Donald Trump supported Bill Clinton’s law on banning the possession of many of the most popular firearms in America,” said Cruz.
Cruz also pointed out Senator Marco Rubio’s stance during his position on Miami’s city council, voting to ban guns in city parks.
Cruz 2Cruz concluded with his plans to build up the military and defeat ‘radical Islamic terrorists’.
“If and when military force is required, we should use overwhelming force, kill the enemy and then get the heck out,” Cruz said.
In a press conference following the rally, Cruz said he is confident they will have a ‘very good day tomorrow’ as the polls open for the primary candidate election.
“Tomorrow, Super Tuesday, is the decision point to continue to unite behind a strong and proven consistent conservative,” Cruz said.