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Dog bites student on Stadium Drive

TCU Police released this photo of the dog alleged to be involved in Tuesday afternoons attack and its owners. (Courtesy of TCU Police)
Rangel, Robert
TCU Police released this photo of the dog alleged to be involved in Tuesday afternoon’s attack and it’s owners. (Courtesy of TCU Police)

TCU police said a male student is at risk of contracting rabies after being bitten by a pit bull Tuesday afternoon.

The student was walking on the sidewalk on Stadium Drive between the Brown-Lupton University Union and Moncrief Hall when a brown and white pitbull bit him on the left leg, according to a public safety announcement from TCU police.

According to the alert, the student did not obtain information pertaining to the dog’s current rabies vaccination from the dog’s owner.

Doctors have encouraged the student to confirm vaccination records from the dog’s owner to avoid “the expense and significant inconvenience of a 14-day rabies vaccination regimen,” according to the announcement.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), once symptoms of rabies begin to show in humans or animals, such as dizziness, aggression, paralysis, or hallucinations, the disease is almost always fatal.

Two females had the dog on a leash and, according to the announcement, appeared to be students based on their general age and appearance.

TCU police said they need the community’s help in locating the dog’s owner.

Police added that if you are the owner of the dog or recognize the owner of the dog, please call 817-257-7777.

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