Local school auction fills the gap for improved learning environment

By Russell Hodges

To better a child’s education, a local school shows that an investment made in the learning environment is as important as an investment made in the curriculum.
The Alice Carlson Celebration Auction is a themed fundraiser the Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center conducts annually.
“We’re not only raising money, but we’re also showcasing class projects the students have been working on,” Auction Co-Chair Drew Slate said.
The money generated from the auction funds various needs in the school. Slate said this year’s goal is to raise $115,000.
This year, a portion of the money will help fund a new design studio.
The design studio will serve as a creative space “for kids to engineer, design and create whatever their heart desires,” Slate said.
Items up for auction this year include class projects, concert tickets, tickets to a Texas Rangers game and a ride to and from school in a Fort Worth Fire Department truck.
In addition to the auction, parents of students can sign up for various community parties. Parents within the Alice Carlson community agree to host a party, and attendance slots will be auctioned off at the fundraiser.
There are approximately 20 to 30 slots available per party. Each slot costs about $30, and proceeds go toward the Alice Carlson PTA, party coordinator Alison Head said.
“We all have one big thing in common, which is our kids,” Head said. “The objective of the parties is to raise money for the school while bringing the Alice Carlson community closer together.”
Despite the large sum of money the auction has generated, its value goes far beyond just nickels and dimes.
Angela Tuttle, teacher at Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center, has spent the last seven years attending summer training programs at Columbia University.
“Through my years attending summer institutes [at Columbia], I’ve learned to be a reflective teacher,” she wrote. “I’m learning alongside those who research best practices.”
Tuttle’s training at Columbia University was made possible by funds generated from the Alice Carlson Celebration Auction.
Tuttle’s opportunities learning at Columbia University have enabled her to give back to the school she remains loyal to.
“My understanding and knowledge base with the reading and writing process has increased,” she said. “[At Alice Carlson] we’re producing kids who authentically read and write, which definitely benefits the community.”
Slate said the auction serves more as a celebration of the school and its people than a standard fundraiser.
“It’s not about just showing up and raising money,” Slate said. “It’s about showcasing what the school is doing, the opportunities we’re investing in and celebrating the community of our school.”
This year’s auction takes place on Saturday, April 16, at Round Up Inn at Will Rogers Memorial Center. This year’s theme for the auction is Mardi Gras.
Admission to the auction is free. Guests can purchase a ticket for $20 that includes a catered meal at the event.