Incoming first-year students connect through video app


Hannah Dooley, after being accepted to TCU, made a video on the Vivoom app to show off her excitement.

Hannah Dooley came home from swim practice one night to find an invitation from TCU to create a short video about her acceptance.

Dooley, who is attending TCU on a swimming scholarship, draped a TCU blanket over her body while her sister recorded the video.

The 18-year-old from Magnolia, Texas, performed a dance under her blanket. She shared the video on social media, attracting attention from the TCU Office of Admission.

Masses of newly accepted students are making videos just like Hannah’s, thanks to a partnership between TCU and the digital marketing platform Vivoom.

Students received an email from TCU asking them to download the Vivoom app and create a video to display their school pride and their excitement for their acceptance.

Using the hashtag #TCU20, anybody can watch these short videos.

“I had never heard of the app until I got the letter in the mail,” Dooley said. “It was a way to see the faces and reactions of the incoming students who got accepted.”

She said utilizing the app was a great way to see other student’s ideas for making videos.

Kenzie Cherniak also made a video and shared it on Facebook. The 17-year-old from Cedar Park, Texas, said she loved how TCU incorporated its own video footage into the app for accepted students to show their spirit.

“It was really fun to see what everybody came up with,” Cherniak said. “I used it to announce my acceptance to my family.”

Cherniak’s video shows her doing a TCU chant with her high school cheer team.

“It incorporates my own background into my video,” Cherniak said. “It’s really a fun way to announce your acceptance and get everyone excited about the new class.”

Cherniak said watching all of the other videos made her especially excited to be a part of the incoming class.

Kirsten Hallmark, a 17-year-old from Boerne, Texas, made a video using her brother’s hover board to travel across the screen.

Hallmark said TCU has always been in her family. Her father and uncle both attended TCU and her grandmother worked on campus.

“All I did was take a video from the app and it put it into the customized TCU format,” Hallmark said.

Hallmark said TCU is the first school she has seen utilize an app like this to bring together its accepted applicants.

“It was for sure worth it,” Hallmark said. “TCU quoted my retweet and Gary Patterson followed me on Twitter.”

Dooley, Cherniak, and Hallmark all said their videos were a lot of fun to make and made them excited to become a part of the Horned Frog family.