TCU intramurals helps bring the ‘madness’ to campus


Basketball fans fill out brackets every March, dreaming of making 64 out of 64 correct picks.

When basketball fans hear March, one thought follows: madness.

March Madness is the NCAA basketball tournament that runs throughout the entire month of March. Fans make brackets, choose how their favorite teams will fare, then cheer them on along the entire way.

TCU intramurals has been taking part in this “madness” by holding a bracket challenge for students, faculty and staff.

Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Sheldon Tate said there are a handful of things people get excited about, and March Madness brackets are one of them.

“We try to make sure what we are offering is reflective of what students are passionate about,” Tate said.

He said with this bracket challenge, they are able to reach students, faculty and staff, who enjoy playing basketball, but also those want to participate by only submitting a bracket.

When the bracket challenge started, there were only around 70 brackets, said Stephanie Milligan, intramural supervisor. This year, Milligan said there were more than 205 submissions.

Tate said this the bracket competition is a great way for people to get involved.

“The program has grown exponentially every year,” Tate said. “We hope it continues.”

The majority of participants are students, but Tate said the staff and faculty get involved in their “little pods.”

“All they have to do is fill it [the bracket] out,” Tate said.

Intramurals keeps track with the brackets and percentages on ESPN’s March Madness website. Milligan said they have closed bracket groups and individuals can submit up to two brackets. Once they submit their brackets, they are free just to let them “run their course.”

She said the popularity of the brackets deepens people’s desire to compete. Participants might not be great athletes, but thinking through a bracket or having fun choosing teams keeps the competition alive, Milligan said.

She said by implementing a two-bracket system, people make a more serious one and a “what if” one.

The NCAA March Madness Tournament concludes with the championship game on April 4. The TCU bracket challenge winner gets a t-shirt, Milligan said.