TCU Army ROTC to participate in weekend exercise


TCU Army ROTC cadets conduct a patrol during the annual Leadership Training Exercise in 2015.

This weekend, Army ROTC will be participating in a two-day leadership development exercise in Fort Wolters, Texas.

Cadets from Baylor as well as the University of North Texas will be teaming up with TCU students in different groups. The groups will then be asked to perform in various situational exercises that imitate military scenarios.

Cadet Alex Ghozeil said this is an opportunity for cadets to apply what they have learned in military classes and labs.

“Working with Baylor and UNT will switch up the monotony of working with the same people,” Cadet Asia Smith said.

First-year students, sophomores and juniors will participate in exercises such as land navigation. Upperclassmen will participate in platoon-level tactical operations.

“All of these operations are meant to simulate a basic situation they could encounter as officers,” said Rebekah Marquardt, the detachment commander for TCU Army ROTC.

Ghozeil said working with Baylor and UNT will simulate what it will be like when they graduate and enter the Army.

Marquardt said this weekend-long exercise provides cadets environments that they cannot get on campus.

“At this point, the training wheels are taken off, and we are expected to apply all we have learned,” Ghozeil said. “It is essentially a comprehensive ROTC final.”